Think before you click

Cyber security awareness is key for business. The IT team can help: Certainly scanning email for malware or signs of phishing is a must.

Think before you click

Make it a habit to think before you click. Let us help you "Think before you click" IT Training provides "Think before you click" interactive workshops, train-the-trainer sessions, and materials to help IU groups and communities be successful.

In these sessions, participants: Discover how to spot signs of email phishing schemes Engage in real-world scenarios and possible consequences of being phished Learn about device-specific security options Quick steps to "Think before you click" Recognize it Ask yourself the following questions, and take these quick steps to think before you click—every time: Do I really know who that email is coming from?

Check for a digital signature. Do I really know where that link is taking me? Hover first to view and verify actual URLs. Instead, go directly to trusted sites using official contact details. Or know it's a phish? Report it If you believe you've received a phishing message, report it to IU professionals who can initiate protective measures as a result.

This can help protect others at IU from falling victim. Do one of the following: Forward the message with full headers to phishing iu. If you believe your accounts may have been compromised, take additional steps to reinforce protections. For help, see Protect IU: Email and Phising Scams.

More available training and information Free training and detailed how-to help for IU Learn more about protecting yourself and IU through: Email Security Fundamentals online training by PhishMe How-to documents from the IU Knowledge Base Additional helpful information and tips from Protect IU Find related training with our partners Pluralsight Pluralsight is a provider of video-based online training with a focus on more technically oriented and design focused topics.

Log in now subscribers only Skillsoft Skillsoft is a leading e-learning provider with a wide range of educational services and in-depth coverage of IT and other skills.The following list sets out some basic things that you should think about before you apply a Creative Commons license to your material, or use Creative Commons-licensed material.

Hey Everyone! I got an idea when I saw the campaign from a channel called "Think Before You Click".

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I made this thread to promote responsible use of social networking sites like Kidzworld. From this thesis statement was born “Think Before You Click" — a campaign by GMA News to promote responsible use of social media. You can be the change you want to see in the online world. Online everything is just a click away.

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Think before you click

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No, what people need is a symbol. A slogan, a flag, the face of a hero to stick on a T-shirt. So what do you do if the real world doesn't provide you with something people can rally around? You just make that shit up. Despite.

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