Thesis mathematics latex

Though a bit different from other typesetting software such as Word and WordPerfectit is much less frustrating and much more efficient to use in typesetting mathematical symbols and formulae; and in setting up document structures such as theorems, references, and a table of contents.

Thesis mathematics latex

This is the only requirement for honors eligibility, beyond basic requirements of the Mathematics concentration. The Mathematics Department recommends students for graduation with honors in Mathematics on the basis of course Thesis mathematics latex in mathematics, the senior thesis, and a thesis examination.

There is no thesis requirement Thesis mathematics latex this version of the cum laude degree. Under present faculty rules, students who qualify automatically receive their degrees cum laude if they do not receive honors in a field.

You should consult the Handbook for Students for a more detailed description of the general regulations relating to honors. What is an Honors Thesis in Mathematics?

Thesis mathematics latex

An honors thesis in Mathematics is an original presentation of an area or subject in pure or applied mathematics. A typical thesis is an original synthesis of knowledge culled from a number of sources in the published literature. A thesis can contain substantive, original mathematics, but most do not.

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Why Write a Thesis? The Mathematics Department strongly recommends that its concentrators write a senior thesis.

Writing a thesis provides a glimpse of life as a graduate student in mathematics, and as a professional mathematician.

It will also propel you towards the frontiers of current mathematical research. Moreover, working on your thesis can be an opportunity to interact closely with a working mathematician your thesis advisorwhich by itself, offers intellectual rewards.

In the past, almost all the seniors who wrote theses felt that working on one was the most challenging, confidence-raising, and fulfilling experience in their undergraduate careers. Choice of Thesis Topic Any subject which makes genuine use of mathematics at the college level is suitable for a senior thesis.

The topic may be in pure or applied mathematics, subject to approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies. In general, a thesis on a rather narrow subject works well, while one presenting the elements of a large theory is less satisfactory both mathematically and in its value to the student.

In judging theses more weight is given to the quality of the presentation than to the sophistication of the topic. Start thinking about possible topics for a thesis early on.

Students planning to write an honors thesis are advised to give serious thought to the choice of topic during their junior year. Your courses, your advisor, as well as Math Table lectures, may serve as sources of questions or subjects that interest you.

In the past, tutorials and reading courses have proved especially useful in generating ideas leading to a good senior thesis.

It is important to choose a topic which interests you.

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Without a real interest it is difficult to do the amount of work necessary to write a good thesis. You should merely like a topic or a field of your thesis. Often you simply know too little about the topic at the outset to realistically decide whether it is what you really want to study or not.

All things being equal, it is best to write a thesis in an area where you have taken several courses or a tutorial already, and therefore, have some perspective. Thesis Advisor If you have not chosen a topic on your own before the end of your junior year you should seek the advice of several faculty members as to areas of mathematics suitable for your senior thesis.

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Math Table is a good source of informal information too. Spend the summer before your senior year reading up in these fields. Your academic advisor the person who signs your study card is usually not your thesis advisor; but he or she may direct you to a faculty member who would be better suited to be your thesis advisor.

All senior theses are written with the explicit advice of a faculty member. Note that your thesis advisor can help the department evaluate your thesis when honors decisions are made.

It may be possible to arrange for a professor from MIT or from another department at Harvard to serve as your thesis advisor. However, in such cases the student must have a second advisor in our department, and must get prior approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

In the past a few students who were advised solely by faculty from another department ended up with weak theses and did not receive an honors degree. Therefore, any student whose primary advisor is not a member of the Harvard Math Department is strongly advised to submit to the Director of Undergraduate Studies a complete draft of their thesis 30 days before the final due date for senior theses.

As soon as you have decided upon your thesis advisor and the topic, notify the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator, Cindy Jimenez roome-mail cindy math.

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If you have no topic or no advisor by late September of your senior year, please see the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jacob Lurie lurie mathfor help. Getting Help Choosing a thesis advisor and a topic can be a nerve-racking experience.

Furthermore, while working on your thesis you may encounter difficulties, both logistic and otherwise. In all these circumstances you are encouraged to talk with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jacob Lurie lurie math.This page outlines some more advanced uses of mathematics markup using LaTeX.

In particular it makes heavy use of the AMS-LaTeX packages supplied by the American Mathematical Society. A) A thesis that presents significant work by the student on one or more nontrivial mathematics problems.

B) A project in mathematical or applied statistics that involves an in-depth analysis of a large data set. Masters thesis: Each student must write, under the supervision of a Mathematics Department faculty member, a satisfactory Masters thesis, of modest length, which is typically expository in nature, but may also be a research paper.

LaTeX is a document preparation system used to write scholarly articles, prepare presentations, and many other documents.

In addition to the thesis style file, Online Tutorial - an online tutorial of Latex containing tips about bibliographies, type setting math equations, and theorems. The other possibility is to use LaTex which is a document preparation system developed specially for mathematical writing.

For more information on LaTex formatting check out this document. Other articles in this series can be found in our Grad Student Blog section.

Thesis mathematics latex

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