The significance of life and the struggle against death in the death of the moth an essay by virgini

Through most of the essay, there are reasons to believe that Woolf is led to a sort of vendetta against the day moth, exhibiting hatred, jealously, enjoyment, an almost sarcastic sympathy over the struggles of the day moth, and being responsible for its death. As the quote says, she just sat there watching the poor day moth struggle against the window, trying to escape. She could have just as easily opened the window to let the day moth free:

The significance of life and the struggle against death in the death of the moth an essay by virgini

More Essay Examples on Emotion Rubric Using her distinct writing style, Woolf delves into the wonders of life, and the ever present battle against death. One of the techniques Woolf uses in her writing style is employing empathy within the readers.

She strives to create an emotional connection between the reader and the subject of the essay.

The significance of life and the struggle against death in the death of the moth an essay by virgini

In this case, Woolf directs her use of empathy with the main character of the story, which is the moth. This creates a personal bond between the reader and the moth, resembling that of a companionship.

Furthermore, she proceeds to observe this moth closely, refusing to divert her attention to the happenings around her. As the moth lives his carefree life by vibrantly flying around, Woolf cannot help but pity the insignificance he has in the grand scale of things. One, was, indeed, conscious of a queer feeling of pity for him.

She continually pities the fact that the moth continues to make the most of his desperate and futile situation. No matter his frailty and impending doom, the moth continues to carelessly dance around the windowpane, either because he is unaware that he will soon die, or because he chooses not to care about his demise.

Not soon after that, the moth senses that his strength is failing him, but even upon knowing his inevitable death, the moth continues to fight. She resolves to root for the moth, and applaud his final protest against death.

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By getting so emotionally invested in this moth, the audience realizes that no matter what happens, death will win, which saddens the readers.

Their fellow comrade will fall, and it alerts everybody of the harshness of the situation. In reality people fight to live, but everyone will die just like that moth, and by creating an emotional attachment between the readers and the moth, people begin to understand the frailty of existence through this insignificant moth.

In addition to creating empathy, Woolf uses a beautifully poetic method in getting her purpose across, which is exploring the external struggles of the moth while employing those struggles to her own personal demons.

She is able to switch the narratives between external and internal conflict without the audience even realizing it. Through the use of her vivid imagery and lucid writing style, Woolf achieves this double narrative story without the readers even consciously aware of it.

At first she explores the failing strength of the moth, which is the entire basis of the essay. Upon trying to help the moth, she soon sees how her actions would only prove to be futile, causing her to give up trying to help. This leads internal conflict within her, because she questions the use of fighting to stay alive when death will happen anyways.

The internal trauma Woolf feels comes to a climax when the moth succumbs to death.

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The moth having righted himself now lay most decently and uncomplainingly composed. Woolf is amazed at how quickly and easily death came, and how death was an endless wave of mystery. In the end, she comes to terms with the fact that death will always triumph life, no matter how much people fight to live.

By using both internal and external conflict to express this ongoing battle, the reader completely grasps the theme of inevitability of death by seeing multiple examples presented to them.

The last technique used by Woolf in her particular style is the use of tone and the words she chooses to employ throughout the entirety of her essay. In the beginning of the essay, the tone is light, having a congenial feel to it.Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Life is a constant struggle against the ever present chill of death - The Death of the Moth Analysis introduction.

Fear, betrayal, and cowardice all stems from life’s distaste of death. Human beings naturally rebuke the unknown, so it is only logical that people fight the inevitability of death. However, most people are ignorant of. The Death of the Moth, by Virginia Woolf, is an essay inaccurately addressing the precarious and subtle relationship between life and death.

This conclusion can be determined through the concept that her assertion that death is more powerful than life was merely a biased and tunnel-visioned opinion. “The Death of the Moth” by Virginia Woolf Essay Sample.

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In “The Death of the Moth”, Virginia Woolf uses elements such as the tone, sentence structure, and the use of motif to connect the theme as being the paradox of death and the coherence of the moth with the true essence of life.

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The Death of the Moth Analysis Life is a constant struggle against the ever present chill of death. Fear, betrayal, and cowardice all stems from life’s distaste of death.

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