The christian calendar and life cycle

There seems little call to have a modern luni-solar calendar, which keeps track of both the seasons and the Moon.

The christian calendar and life cycle

In past times the moon was revered and is considered by many as an influential source of energy. During this period, sunlight is not mirrored by the moon and cannot be viewed unless a solar eclipse occurs.

Many people also rejoiced in the new crescent moon as it is considered to have come back to life. This period also bears other meanings such as renewal of energy, freshness, reconstruction, development and the conception of hope.

You are advised to advocate changes in this stage of your life, and should also consider putting an end to unsavory habits and stale relationships. The full moon is born within 14 to 15 days after a new moon is conceived. Like its name implies the full name looks like a fully rounded disc.


Sunlight shines from the sun and is reflected upon the full moon optimally. This period marks the beginning of harvest aplenty, growth and wholeness — productive and abundant with the complete force of feminine elements and inexplicable secrets.

It can be likened to Summer time as well as the Mother form of the Goddess which bears new life. Babies born whenever a full moon occurs are said to live an extended and fruitful life.

Mythical creatures such as the werewolf is believed to only come out when a full moon shines. Waxing Moon — the moon grows in size. It morphs from a slim crescent and gravitates to form a full moon.

Waning Moon — the moon is now gradually degenerating from being a full moon to being a mere crescent as the new moon phase is about to occur. Gibbous Moon — this chronicles the phase between the first quarter and the full moon as well as the complete moon and the Final Quarter.Learn about the Jewish calendar, its background and history, the numbering of Jewish years, the months of the Jewish year and the days of the Jewish week.

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The Roman calendar changed its form several times in the time between the foundation of Rome and the fall of the Roman Empire. This article generally discusses the early Roman or 'pre-Julian' calendars. The new membership-based community organization for professionals working in business, science and policy organizations interested in Life Cycle approaches!

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The christian calendar and life cycle

Some Christians challenging system, say Sabbath 'floats' month to month. One simple avenue that can assist in tracking the seasons of the church year for worshippers, as well as providing a visual context for worship, is the use of Colors of the Church Year in the sanctuary.

Different colors are associated with different seasons, and the changing colors of communion table and pulpit coverings (called paraments), or wall banners, provide visual clues for the seasons.

The christian calendar and life cycle
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