Saw 1 vs saw 2

The high standard of build quality and ease of use are just two reasons why this machine is so highly rated by consumers. The 3Hp Leeson motor provides excellent power to this saw. By looking at the design and components used, it is clear that this saw is built to last lifetime.

Saw 1 vs saw 2

Setting[ edit ] Saw II: He then has to go through numerous, deadly traps in order to retrieve his long lost son, who is also a drug addict, including throwing a man off a ledge for his own survival.

Before finding his son, the player is forced to choose either sacrificing Campbell for the sake of a stranger, or saving himself. Michael also sees Jennings Foster, a forensics specialist who was a survivor of the first Saw game. After being abandoned by another victim, Solomon Bates, Michael is given another chance.

The first victim Michael must save is a college student named Griff whom his father arrested for raping his professor. Michael continues through the hotel, traversing traps, and rescuing a pedophile named Zeke.

Immediately afterwards, Michael finds Chief of Police Henry Jacobs in a trap because of being corrupt and selling drugs on the streets. Upon being saved, Henry pretends to be grateful but later meets up with another corrupt policeman, Joseph Poltzer, who together decide to kill Michael because he learned about their drug smuggling operation.

Michael then saves Sarah Blalock who he met earlier but turns out to be a drug addict from being drowned in a glass case. Upon being freed, Sarah flees and Michael continues through the hotel to save his next victim.

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Before Joseph can confront Michael, however, he is kidnapped by Pighead and is forced into a vise-trap which Michael must save him from. Joseph leaves the player and Michael is led to a factory, where the next victim is.

In the factory, Henry attacks Michael to silence him but Michael escapes. He next saves Carla Song, a hospital intern from the first Saw film, from an elevator trap which would rip her in half. It is revealed she was smuggling drugs from the hospital to sell illegally. Bates altered finances and forged books to cover for a larger group of criminals.

Along the way, Carla is murdered by Henry to eliminate loose ends, while Henry is later killed by Pighead while Michael witnesses.

Solomon is pushed into a pit of needles by Pighead and never seen again.

Saw 1 vs saw 2

Joseph also kills Sarah in a train station, but is later killed himself by Michael. Finale[ edit ] After killing Joseph and chasing Jigsaw to the final room of the game, the game flashes back to the protagonist of the first act, Campbell, who was left with a decision early in the game. Jigsaw reveals that Michael is the "stranger" whose fate is in the hands of Campbell.

Depending on the choice the player made early in the game, there are two possible endings:The saw's /2" blade has a kerf that is less than half the thickness of larger /4" circular saw blades.

Saw vs. Saw 2 : saw

Since this smaller, thinner blade takes much less effort and motor strain to cut through the material, the 4 Amp - rpm saw can match the performance of full-size circular saws/5(). Saw II is a American horror film and the second installment in the Saw franchise, directed and co-written by Darren Lynn Bousman and series creator Leigh Whannell.

The film stars Donnie Wahlberg, Franky G, Glenn Plummer, Beverley Mitchell, Dina Meyer, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Erik Knudsen, Shawnee Smith, and Tobin Bell. Oct 05,  · #BecomingJigsaw As we move towards the release of Jigsaw, we will be looking back at the history of the franchise, and why it has held up so well.

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Rank This Matchup. ZombieTrev. on 9/17/ this is a tough 1 Saw 2 is one of my fav sequels of all time but all in all, I think the experience of watching Saw was far greater than that of Saw 2 so I vote Saw willhunting.

on 7/24/ Saw II sucked compared to Saw. Saw came to gross $ million in the United States and Canada and $ million in other markets for a worldwide total of $ million. It is the second lowest-grossing film in the series after Saw VI. [49]Produced by: Gregg Hoffman, Mark Burg, Oren Koules.

Oct 01,  · Watch video · Waking up in a undisclosed location in a unknown room two men, adam and gordon are trapped into a single room with a dead /10(K).

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