Red day

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Red day

Red day few short weeks ago, my dad finally decided that it was time to move to a nursing home. I had finally found one that could take them together at the same time and in the same room.

And when he decided it was time, he wanted it done NOW. I now know my dad knew it was time. He knew he was failing. At his request, I moved them on June 25th and the first few days went well.

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My mom needed lots of reassurance that she could come and go still and that there were activities and life outside her little room with my dad, and of course there were some adjustments needed to the bathroom to accommodate my dad, but they were settling in.

With the help of my sister, I got very busy starting the clean out of their home, and on my own, I met with their lawyer and started the mounds and mounds of paperwork needed to qualify them for Medicaid, set up a Red day and get the house ready for the market etc.

Then things changed rapidly and my dad got very sick and after x-rays and blood work and labs, we knew he was gravely ill. The staff went into Hospice like mode at my request and I called the family to come to be with him, and within 2 days my wonderful loving caring dad was gone home to the Lord.

The staff kept him medicated and out of pain and peaceful and that is such a comfort to me. He died very peacefully. The accommodations they made for my family went above and beyond. They have been amazing. My dad's service on Tuesday was the perfect tribute to him! Father Tim captured his essence perfectly.

My brother Allan described what a wonderful selfless hardworking family man he was, and my son spoke from his heart of the life lessons he learned from my dad.

The Army playing taps and presenting my mom with the flag was so moving. Our family dinner afterwards was a wonderful way to end the day.

15th Annual National Wear Red Day

All in all I could not have scripted a more perfect way to honor my dad! I still need to have that estate sale so we can sell the house and continue on as I promised my dad. I will mention though that I had planned to show you the bed my honey and I finally got, like this one from the the Boyz at Circa Home Living — one of my all time favorite online shops!

Noel and Verge pick the best quality reproductions to sell in their catalog. I have always been thrilled with everything I have ordered from them and this is no exception. The picture above is from their website — of their own bed in their home.

Being inspired by what we see in other homes and then making our own home personal to us? Knowing how difficult this summer would and will be for me, Mr. They will attend to most of the details except the fun things like the games and invitiations. Then of course comes the October wedding!

Plans are coming along nicely for that as well! We just know it will be sunny cool day and we are all eagerly anticipating the early evening wedding and reception! Blogging just takes too much time away from other things I want and need to do. I had decided this long before my folks moved or my dad got sick, but the events of the past few weeks only confirmed this is right for me now.

My blog will go on hiatus and instead I will post updates on Face Book as time permits.

Red day

You can find my public FB page by clicking on the big blue F logo up there on the right. That is the FB page I have set up specifically for all the wonderful folks who have followed me here or found my Picture Trail or through the magazine.

I am not accepting friendship requests under my personal name as I need to keep that to my family and very close friends. Just look for me on the fan page please. I will miss all the wonderful bloggers and followers I have met here but I hope you will join me there instead!!

Red day

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