Poetry on off the page essays for emergent occasions

On vacation in the mountains with his family, he nearly drowned in a lake, an experience he describes as "… the most beautiful world I've ever seen in my life" and "without fear," and "peaceful. In andhe traveled to the Solomon Islands, Java, and Indonesia to record traditional performing arts. Viola and Perov later married, beginning an important lifelong collaboration in working and traveling together. He represented the United States at the 46th Venice Biennale in for which he produced a series of works called Buried Secrets, including one of his best known works The Greeting, a contemporary interpretation of Pontormo 's The Visitation.

A haunter of archives, for whom manuscripts and marginalia and indexes are muses, she often works with the materials she finds there: The result may be a textual collage or a groundbreaking work of criticism, or both.

In the past decade, Howe has ventured into sound art and performance, collaborating with the musician David Grubbs. She is, among other things, a serious war poet: World War II marked her earliest years—she and her mother and her sister, Fanny, traveling across a submarined Atlantic; her father absent while serving in Europe.

As a poet, Howe has been most often associated with the experiments and rigors of the Language School, emergent in the s. Yet her combination of formal invention and historical consciousness recalls modernists like Joyce, Williams, and the poet H.

She is less difficult than some of her admirers suggest. She occasionally flirts with the unreadable—with words crossed out or phrases collaged and typeset to interfere with one another— yet she is often quite direct. One senses that, for all her instinct for precision, Howe is impatient with confining definitions and descriptions.

In her youth, Howe studied painting, and she is a visual as well as a verbal artist of the page. The page, not the line, is her unit.

Howe and I met three times this past winter and early spring in New York City for long conversations; she was living in New York for several months leaving her home base of Guilford, Connecticut.

We met in my office at NYU, a space not terribly conducive to reverie or rambunctious exchange. Yet Howe put up with the charmless environs and more than rose to the occasion, following up each session with e-mailed further thoughts and clarifications.

Her many books were on my desk; we never opened them.

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She has a darting wit. Howe is in person both delicate and formidable; so, too, her work. McLane When did you start working on Emily Dickinson? HOWE Early in the seventies. He mapped the places I was familiar with—Gloucester, Boston Harbor. Olson showed me what I already knew by instinct, through being half-Irish—that spirit traces in local landscapes resound in particular words on paper.

I wanted to explore the cultural history of Western Massachusetts as a neces- sary part of her voice. My father and his sister Helen had both recently died. The chapter she was anxious for me to mark was on the New England Dickinsons and their heritage—Puritan character traits she recognized in herself.

There she was, dying in Manhattan in a comfortable Upper East Side apartment, and she wanted to go home by a trail Dickinson provided. I inherited her copy of the book. I felt torn between them—in the sense of allegiance to the word. I was born when she was thirty-two. Yeats directed her in a play as a young girl, and Sara Allgood was her acting teacher at the Abbey.

She gave up her acting career when she came to Boston on a visit to her aunt and met and rather suddenly married my father, Mark DeWolfe Howe.

That was in During most of my youth he was a professor at Harvard Law School, where he was known for lecturing in perfect sentences without using notes. He believed in the American Constitution the way others believe in the Bible. Just after their marriage he visited Dublin, but that was that.

They were voracious readers and both loved reading aloud. As for my mother, she and I read with and to each other, aloud. But he was definitely hard on himself, self-controlled, in a Puritan sense. After graduating from law school, he was a secretary for the then-ancient Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and later became his official biographer, a task that in the long run hung like an albatross around his neck and probably contributed to his early death.


Because of his work on the Holmes archive he was of course much involved in manuscripts. When I was young, Holmes seemed to be a stultifying figure.

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Poetry on off the page essays for emergent occasions

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The fourteen essays that make up this collection have as their common theme a reconsideration of the role historical and cultural change has played in the evolution of twentieth-century poetry and poetics.

Poetry on off the page essays for emergent occasions

"The fourteen essays that make up this collection have as their common theme a reconsideration of the role historical and cultural change has played in the evolution of twentieth-century poetry and poetics."--Back cover.

Poetry On & Off the Page: Essays for Emergent Occasions. University of Alabama Press, Contents: Poetry in Time of War: The Duncan-Levertov Controversy Poetry On and Off the Page, Michael Davidson, Boston Review, April/May Purchase This Book.

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