Poeme pour 10 ans de rencontre

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Poeme pour 10 ans de rencontre

From out the desolation of the North An iceberg took it away, From its detaining comrades breaking forth, And traveling night and day.

Who bade it sail the deep With that resistless force?

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Who made the dread appointment it must keep? Who traced its awful course? To the warm airs that stir in the sweet South, A good ship spread her sails; Stately she passed beyond the harbor's mouth, Chased by the favoring gales; And on her ample decks a happy crowd Bade the fair land good-by; Clear shone the day, with not a single cloud In all the peaceful sky.

Brave men, sweet women, little children bright For all these she made room, And with her freight of beauty and delight She went to meet her doom. Storms buffeted the iceberg, spray was swept Across its loftiest height; Guided alike by storm and calm, it kept Its fatal path aright.

Then warmer waves gnawed at its crumbling base, As if in piteous plea; The ardent sun sent slow tears down its face Soft flowing to the sea. Dawn kissed it with her tender rose tints.

Poeme pour 10 ans de rencontre

Eve Bathed it in violet, The wistful color o'er it seemed to grieve With a divine regret. Whether Day clad its clefts in rainbows dim And shadowy as a dream, Or Night through lonely spaces saw it swim White in the moonlight's gleam, Ever Death rode upon its solemn heights, Ever his watch he kept; Cold at its heart through changing days and nights Its changeless purpose slept.

And where afar a smiling coast it passed, Straightway the air grew chill; Dwellers thereon perceived a bitter blast, A vague report of ill.

Like some imperial creature, moving slow, Meanwhile, with matchless grace, The stately ship, unconscious of her foe, Drew near the trysting place.

For still the prosperous breezes followed her, And half the voyage was o'er; In many a breast glad thoughts began to stir Of lands that lay before. And human hearts with longing love were dumb, That soon should cease to beat, Thrilled with the hope of meetings soon to come, And lost in memories sweet.

Poeme pour 10 ans de rencontre

Was not the weltering waste of water wide Enough for both to sail? What drew the two together o'er the tide, Fair ship and iceberg pale? There came a night with neither moon nor star, Clouds draped the sky in black; With fluttering canvas reefed at every spar, And weird fire in her track, The ship swept on; a wild wind gathering fast Drove her at utmost speed.

Bravely she bent before the fitful blast That shook her like a reed. Will no surmise Cleave through the midnight drear?

No warning of the horrible surprise Reach thine unconscious ear? She rushed upon her ruin. Not a flash Broke up the waiting dark; Dully through wind and sea one awful crash Sounded, with none to mark.

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Scarcely her crew had time to clutch despair. So swift the work was done: Ere their pale lips could frame a speechless prayer, They perished, every one! Et voyage nuit et jour Et qui commande?

Qui ordonna qu'il navigue au large? Aucun avertissement de la surprise horrible A atteint votre oreille inconsciente?Harry Baker has always loved words. He’s been blessed enough to travel round the world with them, winning the Poetry Slam World Cup in and currently using a maths degree as.

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Poeme pour 10 ans de rencontre - Annonce rencontre au senegal.

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