Nicaragua research paper

Nicaragua research papers can focus on the politics or the history of this country.

Nicaragua research paper

Nicaragua research paper

The national flag consists of a white horizontal stripe between two stripes of cobalt blue, with the national coat of arms centered in the white band. Salve a ti, Nicaragua Hail to You, Nicaragua.

The metric system is the legal standard, but some local units also are used. Movable religious holidays include Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Comparatively, the area occupied by Nicaragua is slightly smaller than the state of New York.

The country has a length of km mi n—s and a width of km mi w—e. Bounded on the n by Hondurason the e by the Caribbean Seaon the s by Costa Ricaand on the w by the Pacific OceanNicaragua has a total boundary length of 2, km 1, miof which km mi is coastline. Nicaragua's capital city, Managua, is located in the southwestern part of the country.

The coastal lowland rises to a plateau covering about one-third of the total area. This plateau is broken by mountain ranges extending east-ward from the main cordillera to within 64—80 km 40—50 mi of the Caribbean coast. The mountainous central area forms a triangular wedge pointed southeast, rising at its highest to some 2, m 6, ft.

The plains and lake region, in a long, narrow structural depression running northwest to southeast along the isthmus, contains a belt of volcanoes rising to 1, m 5, ft and extending from the Gulf of Fonseca to Lake Nicaragua.

In this region is located Lake Managua, at 41 m ft above sea levelwhich drains through the Tipitapa Channel into Lake Nicaragua, at 32 m ft above sea levelwhich, in turn, drains through the San Juan River eastward into the Caribbean.

Lake Nicaragua is about km mi long and 65 km 40 mi wide at the widest point, while Lake Managua is 52 km 33 mi long by 25 km 16 mi wide.

The principal waterways are the Coco or Segovia River, navigable up to km mi inland from the eastern Mosquito Coast, and the San Juannavigable to within a few miles of the Caribbean, where a series of rapids halts transportation. Nicaragua lies in an earthquake zone where hundreds of minor tremors, shocks, and earthquakes occur each year.

Nicaragua research paper

More severe earthquakes have occurred periodically. Some of these are centered off the coast of Nicaragua, such as the 6. There are two seasons: Rainfall, however, varies according to region, and the rainy season in the eastern area may extend 9 or even 12 months.

Average annual rainfall along the Mosquito Coast reaches — cm — in as a result of the easterly trade winds blowing in from the Caribbean; the highlands also have heavy rainfall. Managua receives cm 45 inwhile the Pacific coast averages over cm 40 in a year.

The largest pine savanna in the rainy tropics stands on the lowlands behind the Mosquito Coast. The wet and humid Caribbean coastal plain has an abundance of tropical forest, with wild rubber, cedar, ebony, mahogany, and rose-wood attracting some exploitation.

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Wildlife includes the puma, deer, monkey, armadillo, alligator, parrot, macaw, peccary, and several species of snakes some poisonous. Lake Nicaragua contains the only freshwater sharks in the world, owing to a prehistoric geological movement that separated the lake from the Pacific Oceangradually changing the ocean water into fresh water.

As ofthere were at least species of mammals, species of birds, and over 7, species of plants throughout the country.Nicaragua research papers can focus on the politics or the history of this country. Small but significant, nicaragua provides an excellent study of human rights and politics in Central America.

Sandw. Sandwiched between Honduras and Costa Rica, the Republic of Nicaragua is a relatively small country. Nicaragua research papers can focus on the.

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Nicaragua has numerous institutions of higher education including the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN), the Jesuit-run Central American University (UCA), the Harvard-affiliated Central American Institute of Business Administration (INCAE), the University of Mobile, the American Autonomous University (UAM), the National Agrarian University (UNA), the Polytechnical University .

The Central Bank of Nicaragua (Banco Central de Nicaragua), established in , is the bank of issue and also handles all foreign exchange transactions. As of , deposits in foreign banks were prohibited, but in May , the establishment of private exchange houses was permitted.

Nicaragua has redoubled its efforts to achieve stabilization, which has helped produce a combination of moderate growth, single-digit inflation, control of the fiscal deficit, and reduction of external debt to sustainable levels/5(1). Nicaragua Research paper - Free research paper samples, guides, articles.

Writing research paper All about making the best job. Take A+. Sandwiched between Honduras and Costa Rica, the Republic of Nicaragua is a relatively small country. Nicaragua research papers can focus on the politics or the history of this country.

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