Money cant buy happiness essay

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Money cant buy happiness essay

PFHC September 8,4: Added to the book list. Reply debbie February 27,9: Seems to fit with the stoic. Andrius October 2,2: Your lifestyle does look like taking the best of Stoicism. However, I think it much more resembles the ancient philosophy of Epicureanism mind you, the current meaning of the word Epicurean is exactly the opposite of what it meant in Ancient Greece.

On the practical level both schools had much in common, but I believe that Epicureans managed to avoid a few pitfalls that the Stoics did not notice, and thus created a much more viable philosophy of life.

So, if you would like to continue your philosophical journey, check out this site http: I recognized the futility of constantly trying to upgrade to the bigger house, the newer car and so on.

It would have been a never-ending process that would have kept me chained to a job. As I appreciated how much money I was saving not wanting what I did not already have, I grew to like and enjoy more and more what I did have.

JLMA September 17,7: Reply Marie Snyder March 16,8: They accept what comes to them without planning for the future because the future is not within our control.

Money cant buy happiness essay

They tolerate hardship without attempting to alter the course of their lives. MMM tolerates some difficulties, but he had a master plan to avoid the difficulty of working for a living.

Epicureans those who follow Epicurus, not the foodiesby contrast, are teleological — focused on the outcome of their actions. They might work today in order to have more time with friends tomorrow, which is exactly what MMM did from what I can tell.

His stance of enduring hardships is in order to have more and greater pleasures later, not primarily in order to learn to tolerate a difficult live.

Reply Nick June 19,4: I am currently reading A Guide to the Good Life, and one of the things the author points out is that there is a common misconception regarding Stoicism: When it comes to goal setting, a Stoic recommends caution with regard to the goal that is chosen.

Certain future outcomes are out of our control, i.

Money cant buy happiness essay

However, we have control of our own actions and what areas to focus our actions to align ourselves with desired outcomes. We might make it a goal to leave the blinds closed so as to keep our room dark in the morning if that were a desired outcome.

Frugal Toque October 2,2: While the Stoics did have their beef with the Hedonists, the Hedonists especially the Epicurean ones were mostly fighting with the believers in an afterlife.

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The Hedonists were trying to make the point that happiness should be found in the present life, as no afterlife was guaranteed. For this they were villified as fillandering drunks by the Ancient Greek Tea Party. In this way, he could avoid fear and anxiety. I believe that hedonism is really about putting your own enjoyment of life ahead of your other issues.Affordablepapers is a reliable writing service with a great reputation.

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Philosopher Tara Smith challenges the bromide that says that money cannot buy happiness. She argues that money's critics often mis-understand the source and value of money, criticize it on the basis of faulty philosophical assumptions, or focus only on pathologies involving money but .

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