How to find my lover name

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How to find my lover name

Subscribe to feed Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Tumblr Follow us on Facebook Restoration Tips 1 If you carefully scrub that front slick with Simple Green sprayed on a soft cloth, I bet most of that dark rub-wear comes off. Ancient record dealer secret, makes VG an EX. Below are some basic repair tips I have gleaned over time that I will share with you.

If anyone has other tips, please let me know and I will update the guide. Many people tend to shy away from buying records with splits seams and spines. However, if you are willing to spend a little time doing some repairs, you could end up getting your record cheap and with a nice looking cover after you refurbish it.

If at all possible, always make your seam and spine repairs using glue. You will need to have a small flat head screwdriver to apply the glue.

How to find my lover name

Scrape the screwdriver across the glue stick so the top of the scewdriver has a small amount of adhesive on the tip. Now carefully open the split seam enough so you can apply the glue from the tip of the screwdriver to the inside of the cover. Be sure to apply at the very top of the inside of the LP jacket.

Once you have applied the glue along the seam one side of the seam is finepress the seam together and take a paper towel, lightly dampened with water, and slide it along the top of the seam or spine you just glued. What this does is remove any excess glue on the outside of the LP cover and smooths out the flaking from the seam being broken.

Now clamp the seam or spine down with a series of black binder clips. Make sure the binder clips are positioned so they are clamped to the very top of the repaired seam or spine. Let the clamped cover sit for several hours. After several hours, you can remove the binder clips.

Your seam or spine is now repaired. Make sure the tape is clear and not opaque the brand I use is Scotch. The acid free part is very important because acid free tape will not yellow over time. Simply measure out the piece you need and press the tape onto the front side of the LP cover.

Now flip the jacket over and gently pull the tape so there is a tight fit over the spine or seam and then press down.

Trim the excess tape at the corners or LP opening with a straight edge razor. The straight edge razor ensures a very clean cut up against the LP slick. I have applied this technique with some of my LP covers and the blending is excellent.

How to find my lover name

This is different than a seam split. Scotch sells the double sided tape in hand held dispensers and works great. Apply the double sided tape with runs to make sure you have enough adhesive and then simply press down. Most sticker will come off by applying a product like Goo Gone to the label or sticker.

Take a Q-Tip and dip it into the Goo Gone. Now apply the Goo Gone to the entire surface of the sticker and of course along the edges. Let the Goo Gone sit for a few minutes. After a few minutes, use your fingernail and gently pull back the sticker or label. Do NOT attempt to take the sticker or label off in one fell swoop.

You will tear the LP slick. Once you get an edge of the sticker lifted, dip your Q-Tip back in the Goo Gone and dab underneath the lifted section of the sticker.

Allow the Goo Gone to sit a couple of minutes so it can dissove the adhesive. Continue this process until the sticker or label is completely removed. I do not recommend using Isopropyl alcohol. Too much Isopropyl alcohol will leave a permanent pink discoloration.

The cover was peeled using too much Isopropyl alcohol.Find Hidden meaning of your name. Please Enter Your Name! Next. What Does Your Birth Date Say About Your Love Life? More Fun Apps!

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