Essay on english history

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Essay on english history

History of the English language History of the English language 10 October English language Modern English, a global language spoken around the world by over 2 billion people can trace its roots to the Germanic language introduced by Anglo-Saxon invaders in the 5th century.

Changes in lexis, orthography, semantics and syntax, the influence from other languages, and modifications in use have combined to produce a language that is, at first glance very different from its Germanic origins.

I intend considering the extent to which the English language has changed over the last years, with particular reference to these linguistic features Examining different versions of the same text highlights lexical changes over time.

Loan words have come in use in English as a result of contact with other nations — through trade, invasion and colonialism. Many words of Norse origin made their way into common usage, and remain today.

Following the Norman Conquest, many words were borrowed from French. Essay on english history words tend to demonstrate the difference in status between the language of the conquerors, and that of the conquered. Returning to the Genesis texts, changes in the appearance of words in particular the loss of some characters underline that English today is very different from English years ago.

If we replace these characters with their modern equivalents, then alien looking Old English words become much more recognisable. There have also been changes in semantics. In Old English it was the term used for women in general, today it is specifically used to refer to a married woman.

Regional variations in spelling were probably a result of regional pronunciation differences. Although these differences continue today, many variations in written English were gradually eliminated through a process of standardisation. The end of the fourteenth century saw the first post conquest King of England whose first language was English[4] and it became the language of government.

Official documents were written in English, and since these had to be understood throughout the country, the language used had to be consistent. The Westminster clerks who produced court documents used London English, and with this the number of variants in the language were significantly reduced.

Spelling variations decreased over time and the technology of printing introduced by William Caxton in would have had a marked impact on this process.

The grammatical structure of the language has also changed.

Essay on english history

An early grammatical development was the introduction from the Scandinavian languages of third person plural pronouns — they, them their. This is a notable addition to standardised English that was adopted by the Westminster Clerks as part of the process of standardisation. Old English retained the basic structure of the Germanic languages.

The meaning of a sentence was expressed by changing word endings whereas in modern English it is expressed by changing word order.

Essay on english history

In modern English the normal word order is subject, verb, object — there is seldom any ambiguity in the meaning of the sentence. In old English ambiguity was avoided through the use of inflectional word endings — so that the subject had a subject ending, and the object had an object ending.

This can be demonstrated from a translation of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. This inversion of word order continued through to the sixteenth century, but is rarely used in modern English. Since languages continually evolve this process continues today through global interaction.English History Essays: Over , English History Essays, English History Term Papers, English History Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The history of the English language is very extensively. It contains parts of French, Latin, German, Norse and of a few less known tongues. Before texts were written in English, they were mainly written in Latin and were reserved to be read only by the Pious and royal.

Essay on Journey: English Language. communication disability. Ever since then society was a difficult and rough pathway for me to endure. At school I was familiarise and overwhelmed at the same time by the amount of kids who could actually speak English properly and I couldn’t.

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