Case study b2b communication

A B2B software company intended to leverage AdDaptive's analytical abilities and strategic ad placement in order to convert users who had previously engaged with their creatives. In the end, ease of communication and transparency with optimization throughout the two-month campaign led to all KPIs being exceeded, in the form of 12 million impressions and over 1, conversions, as well as a relationship that yielded many more successful campaigns. Gain insight into the success AdDaptive brought this company and explore how it applies to your digital advertising needs through this case study video: View on YouTube About the Case Study Video Series AdDaptive's case studies shed light on specific experiences we have had with our clients and the successes we have worked hard to bring to their companies.

Case study b2b communication

Agile teams are more proficient in executing the development process, but the compressed timescale forces some to abandon user research and degrade the resulting user experience. Our earlier research considered the broad perspective, so we now dive into a smaller number of projects to collect deeper insights for our new course on Lean UX and Agile.

I recently interviewed eight professionals who work in Agile environments to learn about their journey, their successes and failures. I spoke with people ranging from User Experience UX designers to developers and product owners.

All worked in an Agile environment for at least two years.

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Agile Is Here to Stay There is no going back. Everyone that I spoke with admitted that the process is not always smooth, but today it is much better than when they first started several years ago.

In general, Agile teams agree that this framework facilitates transparency. Issues are identified sooner and features are delivered faster. Gone are the days when developers and designers spent months and months cranking away, working independently, and only identified issues at the end.

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Agile has minimized last-minute surprises and allowed developers to predict timelines more efficiently. No more hour days for an entire month. Everyone is aware of progress sooner. There is more accountability now. Things are more transparent.

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People are better at timeboxing or setting time limits on activities. Daily standup meetings that used to go on for 30 minutes or more are now getting closer to 15 minutes.

Case study b2b communication

Team members are better at being concise and sticking to the agenda. Time estimates are more accurate. In the early days, some teams took on more than they could handle in sprints or units of timebut today this is less of an issue because they have learned what is reasonable work for a given sprint.

People had to get used to the funny way of calling things and the new activities. The Scrum method provides the structure for cross-functional team members to contribute ideas, share responsibilities, and refine the process together. It allows people to air dirty laundry, improve, and try different things … At first I was very focused on following the rules.

We do as much as we can. Gaining company-wide support has been an uphill battle. Teams must work hard to show nonbelievers the value of Agile and encourage them to break out of their comfort zones. Lack of Executive Support One of the major challenges with Agile is getting support from the top.

Some of the people I spoke with expressed their frustration with the lack of engagement with management. Without executive backing, teams are forced to cut corners and work less effectively.

Misunderstandings about the Agile process result in communication breakdown and incoherent planning.Learn how to write a case study that asserts your organization's topical authority, shows customer success, and converts leads.

Case study b2b communication

50 examples + 7 templates. Ryver -> B2B Marketing: How team communication product Ryver started a Twitter war with Slack fans to drive a 20% increase in users;.

Just write up the case study as a post, and then hit publish. If you’re short on time, this is the easiest way to create and share a case study. PDFs: The next way you can create a case study is as a PDF. The case study is conducted as a qualitative study to get profound and comprehensive understanding about the current state of internal communication in Company X.

Theme interviewees are used as a data collection method, because. If you do provide consent, you may change your mind and unsubscribe at any time. If you would like to unsubscribe or have any questions, you can click on the unsubscribe links in. General Electric (GE) Social Media Case Study When you think about sexy brands on social media, the last brand that would come to mind would be a bureaucratic year-old industrial company with , employees.

But General Electric (GE) is one of the most exciting B2B companies in social media today. It has been nominated and won numerous awards such as Best Brand on Vine, Best Fortune . Alibaba Marketing Strategy and Case Study – Alibaba, the number one e-commerce company targeting online consumers in China, Alibaba is the undisputed leader in e-commerce for small businesses and the flagship company of Alibaba Group.

It was founded in in Hangzhou, China. Alibaba is a B2B website catering to the needs .

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