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At marsden bay essay writer

Persistent URL for this entry http: Phillip stands majestically at the top, while the Aboriginal people, depicted in bas relief panels, are right at the bottom.

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But this is not how Phillip himself acted towards Aboriginal people. In his own lifetime, he approached on the same ground, unarmed and open handed.

He invited them into Sydney, built a house for them, shared meals with them at his own table. This, of course, is a loaded question that has been explored by historians and anthropologists for some decades now. The debate has moved like a pendulum between mutually exclusive conclusions: Phillip as a good guy or a bad guy; race relations in the early colony were peaceful or violent.

In fact, he and the officers hungered for friendship. The early meetings in Botany Bay and Port Jackson were often marked by friendliness, curiosity, gift giving and dancing together on the beaches. This is so entirely different from earlier violent and murderous encounters between Europeans and Indigenous people.

It is also very different from the frontier violence that dominated pastoral expansion in Australia well into the twentieth century.

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In that sense it was enlightened and humane. But at the time it was just a tiny pinprick on the edge of a vast and ancient Aboriginal continent — it made barely a ripple at first. Aboriginal people did not drop dead or lose their culture the moment they saw a white person.

at marsden bay essay writer

This time the number of muri nowie, and the number of these strangers in their coloured skins, was probably alarming. But surely, they too would leave again, like the last lot?

Women and children stayed well away while the warriors stood on beaches or clifftops and shouted unmistakable warnings to the newcomers.

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The Berewalgal had no beards and they did not appear to have male sex organs. Once he grasped the question, Phillip instructed a sailor to drop his pants at one meeting — in response a great shout went up from the Eora warriors. The next priority was to discover their intentions.

What did the strangers want? Access to hunting grounds? This would take some serious negotiation, since women were the food providers, they bound clans together, and they would bind the strangers into local families through reciprocal rights and obligations.

But Cook and Banks were wrong — they had forgotten or downplayed the show of strength and daring they themselves encountered from Eora warriors in This is the real meaning of his name for the Cove there: I believe that a key reason Phillip chose Sydney Cove Warrane for the settlement was not only the bright stream of fresh water there, but the fact that it was the one place in Port Jackson where there were no warriors, shouting and waving spears.

Phillip and the officers began their relationship with the Eora through gift-giving, hilarity and dancing but also by showing them what their guns could do. There is no getting around this. Watkin Tench wrote bluntly: So they fired the muskets over the heads of the Eora and shot musket balls right through their wooden shields.

They even called the strangers Geerubber: Guns made the first meetings possible but they also stopped the process of communication and friendship in its tracks, and the officers knew it.Bowes and Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, Text and CD-ROM Package, Jean A.

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at marsden bay essay writer
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